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Author Biography

Peder Hill has worked as a display artist, bar manager (in Taiwan), evolutionary geneticist, samba musician, blues musician (washboard), university lecturer, international business consultant and art dealer.

His professional writing has been equally diverse, spanning extreme sports (Red Bull), global financial services (KITAI AG), web technologies (Telecom ITTI) and the renaissance of theater in Budapest (New York’s Encore Magazine). He’s especially adept at boiling down complex information into intuitive explanations that anyone can understand.

Peder graduated with honors from the University of California in Santa Cruz, earning degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies. In 1998 he received an MA in Conservation Biology from San Francisco State University. For the last decade he’s taught biology, art and filmmaking to children ages 10 through 18. His film students’ documentaries have won national contests.

With two unimaginably amazing children—Jonah is eight, little Sophia six—he has a father’s sincere desire to make the world a better place for his kids.