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External Vs Internal Conflict by JoAnn Ross


The Conflict Test


What Is Conflict?

Conflict in Fiction

Creating Conflict & Sustaining Suspence

Conflict by Susan Vaughan

Expanding Your Conflict



Breathing Life into Characters

Character Chart


Characters and Story

Creating Memorable Characters

Establishing the Right Point of View

How to Create a Character Profile

Web Resources for Developing Characters

Please Get Your Characters Out of My Way!, by Kate Gerard

The Hero's Journey

The Heros Journey - a UC Berkeley Site

Heros Journey Summary of Steps

Heros Journey and Story Structure Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Myth and the hero's journey Big screen blockbusters

Hero's Journey in two classic stories

Start of the Hero's Journey

Intro to the Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey - a Path to Plotting by Melinda Goodin

The Hero's Journey: A Guide to Plotting for Writers 

Story Structure

What is the Three Act Structure?-Stephen J Cannell Lecture 

the 3-Act story structure Killer

Basic Plotting for Science Fiction

Plotting Your Novel

Six Points About Character, Plot, and Dialogue You Wish You'd Have Known



12 Exercises for Improving Dialogue


Top 9 Tips for Writing Effective Dialogue


Creating Suspense



Dialogue: The Best Action


The Function of Dialogue by Linda Hope Lee


Speaking Of Dialogue by Robert J. Sawyer


Writing Believable Dialogue

Dialogue - Functions

Dialogue Tips

Good Dialogue

Writing Great Dialogue




Writer, Edit Thyself


Common Mistakes In Fiction Manuscripts

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Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. The Elements of Style

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Tips and Articles for Writers Happily Ever After

Articles links page

Articles - Writing

Writing Tips and Books

Elements of a Successful Novel

Great link page

Fiction Factor - Writing Tips for Fiction Writers

Creativity Portal - many writing resources

Heartland Writer's Guild


Resource Central Writing Links


ComputerEase - Various writing resources


Resources for Writers

author-me.com - writing resources


The Writer's Page - online resources

The Sharp Writer - resources for writers

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