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Dreaming Underwater was a novel born of our collective hunger for God. It grew up underground, mostly, nurtured within the 18 libraries scattered around the University of Berkeley. The book isn't at all the one I thought I would write when I started researching. The answers I anticipated weren't the ones I found. The story is as much a surprise to me as to anyone else. Its threads emerged like findings of an archeological dig, one by one, each a window to another place, delicate long hours to unearth them. Only much later could you piece together their connections, at the cost of all expectations.  



ďItís the things we canít remember that haunt us,Ē the Bishop tells Theresa McCabe, a middle aged nun who's forgotten a lot. Her faith, for one, left behind in her African youth. But other things too. When her uncle, the town priest, brings Nigerians to St. Polten in a bold plan to salvage his Collegeís missionary beginnings, their arrival sparks a resurgence of her simple brother's childhood seizures. The arrival marks a turning point for the town as well, for the Africans have intricate plans of their own. As her brother's psychosis deepens Theresa is swept along, and the only thin road to redemption lies in navigating forgotten threads of a painful past.


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