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Learn more about non-fiction writing and my book on fatherhood.


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Want to learn how to write a novel?

Unfortunately, there's really only one way: write one. But learning the building blocks will definitely help. And remember: nothing worthwhile was ever easy.



Elements of a Novel


The Web's most concise Novel Writing Guide. Featuring writing articles, writing tips and writing tools.

Warning: why I switched to non-fiction.

A cautionary tale about novel writing & fatherhood.


Internal & External Conflict
The Synopsis


Conflict is the essence of drama. Got none? Then you got none.

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Finding Fatherhood



Character Arcs 
The Novel's Raw Excerpts

Character Development drives a story's Conflict. 

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Story Structure & Plot
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The simplest building blocks of a good story are found in...




Writing Effective Dialogue
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Writing effective dialogue is often what distinguishes the professional writer from...




The Writing It Part
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Tips and stories on how to actually get on with writing it.




Editing a Novel
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The danger of editing is that you can get caught up...





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